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"Luxury must be comfortable,

Otherwise, it's not luxury"

-Coco Chanel

It's a simple concept, really. Chanel knew that if you weren't authentic to yourself. You couldn't ever really be comfortable. 

My name is Kevin Kise. It is my pleasure to walk into your chaos of a living space and transform it very much like a couture garment transforms a body. Stitch by stitch, layers of tasteful expressive art, accessories and the most comfortable furnishings "hug" you after a hard day.  

Your space is a reflection of you. It's the cocktail party with your clients, It's the holiday dinner with the in-laws. It's the feeling of a second cup of coffee on a Saturday morning that is as warm and welcoming as your home. 

There are no trends, there are no rules, just you and your home and the memories yet to be made.

Let us help you write your story!


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